About Us


The building, now known as The Complex Studios, was built sometime in the 1960’s and originally functioned as a dairy until it was purchased by Bank of America to house an array of mainframe computers. Legend has it the site once housed a Native American cemetery – as good an explanation as any for some of the strange goings-on witnessed here over the years.


In 1978, the managers of the funk group Earth, Wind & Fire bought the building to house its new American Recording Company (ARC) for planned musical distribution through CBS. They hooked up with a brilliant sound engineer/inventor from Baltimore, George Massenburg, who then built and managed George Massenburg/ARC, also called The Complex*. It was here that Massenburg designed and built his three GML Nova 8700 analog consoles and developed his legendary GML line of high-end audio equipment still in use today. The GML gear produced gold records at The Complex for ARC’s Earth Wind and Fire, as well as Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, James Taylor and scores of others.


The Complex Studios today retains one of the Nova 8700s, still in use and available for ADR/VO and Mixing work in our Studio B. During the 80’s, The Complex added a second story to house a collection of music-related tenants, among them Joe Gastwirt’s mastering lab, which resided in what is now our upstairs conference room. It continued for a while to crank out gold records before ARC eventually sold the building to a succession of independent owners, including the first of three star-struck Japanese groups.


The 90’s saw a shift in business from recording to music rehearsal and big-time ADR work, to include the building’s long run with The Simpsons, among others. In 1999 the building was purchased by its current ownership, the LATV, llc group which comprises three independent TV stations, the LATV cable network and its video/audio production arm.


Since that time, we have continued the audio post work while expanding into a myriad of video production – music videos, TV pilots, live TV, green & white cyc work, satellite media tours, webcasting, independent films, commercial video and others, all highlighting our capacity as a true turnkey facility.

*not to be confused with the Hollywood-based The Complex, a building housing small theaters and rehearsals rooms.